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Enjoyable and informative

I love listening to this podcast! Relaxing and enjoyable, lots of information for beginners and those with more experience as well.

The best!

I adore Karen and Jessica’s voices so the simple experience of listening is enjoyable. But to get such great content on top of that is wonderful. They love what they do, their language is beautifully inclusive and clear, and I’ve been introduced to so many great patterns and yarns. Love. Love. Love. ❤️❤️

Essential Listen for New-ish Knitters

So much to praise here...easy and fun conversations about knitting fundamentals...enthusiasm and wit...laid back yet professional...inspiration for knitting and life!

So warm and wonderful!

I love this podcast! Karen and Jessica are warm, funny, and such knowledgeable knitters. Their podcast is like their store, you feel welcomed. Plus, I have learned a lot about things like colorwork, swatches and pattern sourcing. My one teeny tiny issue is I wish they had their volume up just a bit. I increase the volume on my HomePod and then forget to turn it back down when the podcast is over and get blasted the next time I turn it on🙃. Love this, love their store!!!

make good

Such a delight to listen to you two. Your enthusiam is infectious! Especially like that there is a 'topic' for each podcast - not just a rambling of catching up, what's on your needles, new in store etc - but instead a focused and engaging discussion about how wonderful the knitting experience is. Keep up the good work ;)


So glad I’ve discovered this wonderful podcast! For the past few months I’ve been devouring any and all knitting related content and it’s been great to take those yarn tips on the go. Also, I’ve just placed my first order from Scratch — you know it’s a great place when bars of chocolate are available along with beautiful skeins of yarn!!


I feel like we’re all just friends, hanging out & knitting together! Very nice to have during a global pandemic 🌈

Joyful knitting podcast

Just discovered Make Good. I love it. Best knitting podcast I have ever listened to, full of helpful tips. And joyful narration.

Make Good is GREAT!

Your podcast is a must listen for all knitters. I enjoy every minute of it. It’s filled with all kinds of great info from needles to patterns to blocking. I love it!

Great podcast!

So fun to listen to. The hosts are relatable and have a terrific sense of humor. I look forward to every episode. Thank you!

Welcoming and warm

Listening to this podcast is like hanging out with your knitting friends. You get recommendations, learn something new, and engage in a fun social environment. The hosts are as delightful on the podcast as they are in person. Looking forward to catching up with all the episodes. I’m halfway there!

Fun and informative

I enjoyed getting caught up on the first 4 episodes! I can’t wait until the store is open again. Casual style

Love it!

It feels like I’m in the shop knitting and hanging out! Super fun to learn more about fiber and knitting related topics in a casual and entertaining format.

Lots of great info!

I’ve been knitting for 10+ years and I’m still learning so much from this podcast! Is really fun to listen to. Can’t wait to visit Scratch again once it’s safe to do so!

Love the store, Love the podcast!

Great knitting stories and advice!

Great company

Just listened to the first 2 episodes. I’ve been knitting for the 1,5 years and found it all easy to understand and follow, for a non-visual podcast. I like that there is a podcast related to questions from knitters about the act of knitting, and not just focused on the design part of it. It is nice to learn and be able to improve from advice from others. The voices of the podcasters are also quite pleasant! Wish there were more episodes so that I could binge it!