make good: a knitting podcast

Please stop laughing so much

I’ve been on a search and this is a 5 star podcast with the best knitting information out there! Bless you ladies for putting together such a thoughtful and informative program. I learn something new with each episode…
HOWEVER… one of the ladies laughs constantly. The laugh is sweet and cheerful but sometimes at inappropriate times and I need to skip back just to listen again to hear what was being said. Sometimes the laugh is thrown in where no laugh was needed or just not even a funny spot. It’s the same loud laugh chant over and over… it has become annoying and distracting.
I will try and get over my issue. I recognize that it’s a me problem. But perhaps some thought could be given to how it sounds to the rest of us? I really want to love this podcast!

May 27, 2022 by kchris111 on Apple Podcasts

make good: a knitting podcast