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Wonderful fun

Karen and Jessica make any topic fun and I always learn something even when I go into the podcast thinking it will be review. I love the associated knit a longs as well. Also I wrote them an email with a question and they responded to it on the show— incredible.

Best podcast

Jessica and Karen are so fun to listen to. I really enjoy that they feature a different knitting topic every episode and even though I’ve been knitting for a long time, I still learn something new . I also really enjoy hearing about the projects they are working on . Looking forward to visiting their store sometime!


I love listening to the giggles and fun knitting talk. Thank you.

New knitter here!

I’m a new knitter and was introduced to this podcast by my sister (who taught me to knit over FaceTime!). I HATE podcasts but I LOVE this one! I’ve been binging it to catch up and love knitting & listening along. I’ve learned so much!

Great show 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

Far and away the best knitting podcast I’ve found! Informative and fun, it’s like grabbing a cup of coffee and knitting with friends.

Very useful information, clear topics, and not too much giggles

I don’t usually make comments on podcast channels but I found this knitting podcast very easy to listen to with full of useful tips and information. Jessica and Karen do a great job focusing their discussion on the topic of the day and not making their podcast sound like a babbling time for their life stories. Their voices are soft and professional. I am usually annoyed with other knitting podcasts where the podcasters giggle excessively or scream laugh after someone says something.

My favorite knitting pod!

Love this podcast! It’s perfect bite size chunks of content but filled with useful information from two very kind and fun women. I look forward to it every week!

Very fun!

Love the knitting content!


Love love love this podcast. Clear topic for the week, awesome format (on the needles and the “letter”). I have learned so much and appreciate the thoughtful way Karen and Jessica inspire care to others, kindness to yourself, and taking a risk to just try something out. I am now obsessed with the podcast and they have a new online customer for their shop. Now that I’ve gone through EVERY back episode I am going to have to be patient and wait for Tuesdays. I may even try a KAL…


Interesting, informative, engaging, but not sure I'm going to be able to handle all the laughing at their own witty comments.

Love this knitting podcast🌟!

I am a novice knitter, and I have been throughly enjoying listening and learning from your podcast! You are both so encouraging and fun, and I’m learning a lot!

Informative + happy

This podcast has been wildly helpful!!! My best pal and I started knitting a week ago and I’ve been binging your podcast and learning so much! Thank you so much for sharing all of these good things!!


Not only am I learning so much even As a long time knitter, but Karen and Jessica are warm and very likeable. They present information for folks of all levels and are encouraging and kind. They have great laughs and laugh often!

Look forward to it every week.

Karen and Jessica are a wonderful source of knitting information. I’ve been knitting for about 12 years, but always learn something new and have fun doing it. Thank you for all the effort you put into making this such a great podcast!

The most helpful and funny podcast

I listened to both of yarn detective episodes and they are fantastic. This podcast is the best. Every knitters should listen.

Favorite knitting podcast.

Im getting back into knitting after decades away. The podcasters do a fabulous job of somehow making the show useful and informative for all different skill levels. I’ve brushed up my knowledge base and learned many new skills and tips. Just finished a hat that I’d promised to my husband 5 years ago! I love knitting again. Thank you Jessica and Karen!

The Best Knitting Podcast

I love listening to Jessica and Karen talk about knitting. It can be difficult to describe in words knitting techniques, fiber types, etc., but the hosts do an amazing job!

Insightful and relaxing

This is my go to “on my way to work” podcast. I am a baby knitter, teaching myself to knit via YouTube. Karen and Jessica are a wealth of information for me! Their lighthearted, but informative, chats make me brave enough to pick up my needles to try to create something chaotically beautiful.

Wonderful podcast!

I have loved every episode!!! I especially appreciated the episode all about cotton. I learned so much! I am hoping you will create similar episodes featuring other materials (pros, cons, best use…)

My New Favorite Knitting Podcast

I just started listening to the MakeGood Podcast. These ladies are really fun and engaging. The podcast covers some really interesting topics including knitting techniques and vocabulary, festivals, choosing materials. I find it both educational and entertaining. I’m listening through the past episodes while I wait for the new one to come out each week. Definitely worth “tuning in”!

The best knitting podcast out there!

I listen to alot of podcasts -- especially knitting podcasts -- and Karen and Jessica's podcast is everything the other podcasts aren't: informative, entertaining, and NEVER a waste of my time. I'm impressed at the quality of the content and they put these podcasts almost weekly!! Amazing!


I look forward to the new episode each week. I always learn something new, feel supported and empowered by the end of the podcast.

A Pick Me Up

Jessica and Karen always bring a smile to my face. When I listen to their podcast, they make me smile. I have learned so much over the course of a year. On the project bag episode, my husband said "They sound like NPR hawking bags!". I can't wait until it is safe enough to visit them in person.

Amazing Knitting Podcast

I absolutely adore Jess & Karen and this podcast. I found them and a few others in October 2021, right after Rhinebeck and I was immediately struck by the tone of hominess and inclusivity. Event though I am usually listening to this in my car during my commute, I feel as if I am hanging with them in their shop. They give great information, tips and tricks in regards to knitting (and other fabric arts) and their dynamic is fantastic. Definitely recommend to anyone who knits and wants to engage in "big wooly energy" with other knitters or for anyone who wants to start knitting.

Totally Enjoyable

I recently started listening to this great podcast! I like the way the two hosts talk back and forth with each other. I am always happy when I see a new episode appear in my podcast app. Lots of knitting content! Totally enjoyable. Keep up the good work ladies!💕

Learning AND Laughing

I’m a beginner knitter at age 56. You ladies have made knitting completely accessible and much less scary while providing laughs along the way! My intimidation has turned to curiosity and addiction to FPT (fibers, patterns & tools) is much more focused. Some friends and i are starting a knitting night gathering after the holidays IN PERSON (yay!!). Thank you for being there for us all and keep up the awesome work!

Listening to Karen and Jessica makes me Happy!

I have learned so much listening to this podcast and I love the laughter, giggles and humor. It is just the right amount of quality content with a personal touch. You have also inspired me to branch out and try new things. Thanks!

The best podcast for knitters

Love this podcast - it’s so informative and current. I love listening to this podcast every week - and always find new information about knitting, patterns, yarns - and that’s after knitting for decades!

Excellent Podcast!

I discovered this podcast a few months ago and love every episode. So much good information! Now that I am all caught up on listening to all the previous episodes, I look forward to the new ones every week!

Feel good podcast

I love it! I love the warmth and love, humor and fun that is so clear in your podcast. I actually listen to you first on my commute home just to relax and re-listen to my favorite parts while I'm working on my project du jour. I've picked up needles for the first time in almost 20 years and you guys have made this journey so much more enjoyable. Thank you for all that you do and for being unabashedly, delightfully you!

New Listener

Just found you and am loving the podcast! Thanks for letting us into your knitting lives! All the tips, links and learning has been wonderful!🧶🙂

So Good!

I really enjoy all of your podcasts. I listen to most episodes in another app, but this one lets me make good rating on Apple. Thank you, Steve

Love the podcast

So informative and they tackle so many interesting topics. I highly recommend for any knitting enthusiast!

I love to knit with Karen and Jessica!

One of my favorite parts of the week is sitting down with my knitting and listening to a new episode of Make Good. I’ve learned so much in an entertaining way! Karen’s laugh is infectious, and I hope to make it to Scratch Supply Co soon.


The recent episode on super washed yarns was so educational and eye-opening. I appreciate the the podcasters’ thoughtful research and enthusiasm.

Favorite knitting podcast!

I recently discovered Make Good and listening to their episodes brings me so much joy! It feels like I am able to meet up and talk with knitting/fiber friends and as I knitter of many years I am still learning and getting great new ideas from this podcast!

A pleasant surprise!!

As an almost 20 year knitter I am obsessed with fiber and knitting, but never imagined a podcast about it would be entertaining. I found your podcast and decided to give it a try and low and behold I am binging episodes! Love your banter and great information! Thanks so much.

So good!

I just discovered this podcast and it’s so enjoyable to listen to!

Love this podcast!

I agree with another reviewer that said this podcast has the perfect balance of knitting and chit chat. The hosts are awesome. The only downside is I wish they had a daily podcast :)

My Fave!

I love this knitting podcast. The hosts strike just the right balance of personal sharing and knitting content. Karen and Jessica share enough about their personal lives to make you feel like you “know” them, but not so much that you start to wonder when the knitting talk will start. The knitting information is always well researched and the show has clearly been planned and it seems that a lot of thought has been put into its execution. (To me, some knitting podcasts seem to be thrown together at the last minute and meander about for an hour or so. Which is fine if that’s what you like! I just prefer a more organized podcast.). Also, Karen and Jessica laugh a lot and they have a good rapport on air — makes it fun to listen to them. My favorite knitting podcast!

Being in the room with friends

In my experience, knitting and fiber podcasts can be so slow and tedious. Not this one. It moves right along in a conversational manner. The hosts are funny and likable. Listening felt like a combination of your best social knitting meet up along with a technique and tip review. Really enjoying it.


Thank you so much for sharing this podcast. It is relaxing, fun, interesting. The hosts are chatty but respectful listeners (don’t seem to ever talk over each other!). I LOVE the format—a topic to discuss, followed by “what’s on your needles” and listener question. A really really wonderful podcast.

Informative and fun

So happy I found them!!! Finally a knitting podcast with a purpose and goal and not just a bunch of knitters talking about everything and nothing. (Not that that’s bad. Just not my cup of tea). Really appreciate all the show notes. Calming voices and good sound tech. I learn SO much.

Love this podcast so much!

Listening to Jessica and Karen talk about knitting and all things fiber is like listening to your good friends having a conversation (even if I’ve never met them in person!). They have tons of knowledge, no judgment, are very inclusive in every way possible and are just so enthusiastic about knitting and yarn. I grew up in NH and though I live 3000 miles away in WA I cannot wait until I’m back in NH and can (someday? Hopefully soon?) go Scratch Supply Co in person. This is my favorite knitting podcast and I’m so glad I found it!

Top of my podcast list

What a wonderful knitting podcast! Jessica and Karen are knowledgeable, talented, skilled, kind, welcoming, thoughtful, intelligent, warm, interesting, fun, wonderfully non-judgy, whitty and a true joy to listen to! Their podcast topic content is extremely thorough and relative. I wish they would release a podcast every day but I have to say I’m thrilled they release every week!! Love these ladies! Highly recommend!

Enjoyable and informative

I love listening to this podcast! Relaxing and enjoyable, lots of information for beginners and those with more experience as well.

The best!

I adore Karen and Jessica’s voices so the simple experience of listening is enjoyable. But to get such great content on top of that is wonderful. They love what they do, their language is beautifully inclusive and clear, and I’ve been introduced to so many great patterns and yarns. Love. Love. Love. ❤️❤️

Essential Listen for New-ish Knitters

So much to praise here...easy and fun conversations about knitting fundamentals...enthusiasm and wit...laid back yet professional...inspiration for knitting and life!

So warm and wonderful!

I love this podcast! Karen and Jessica are warm, funny, and such knowledgeable knitters. Their podcast is like their store, you feel welcomed. Plus, I have learned a lot about things like colorwork, swatches and pattern sourcing. My one teeny tiny issue is I wish they had their volume up just a bit. I increase the volume on my HomePod and then forget to turn it back down when the podcast is over and get blasted the next time I turn it on🙃. Love this, love their store!!!

make good

Such a delight to listen to you two. Your enthusiam is infectious! Especially like that there is a 'topic' for each podcast - not just a rambling of catching up, what's on your needles, new in store etc - but instead a focused and engaging discussion about how wonderful the knitting experience is. Keep up the good work ;)


So glad I’ve discovered this wonderful podcast! For the past few months I’ve been devouring any and all knitting related content and it’s been great to take those yarn tips on the go. Also, I’ve just placed my first order from Scratch — you know it’s a great place when bars of chocolate are available along with beautiful skeins of yarn!!


I feel like we’re all just friends, hanging out & knitting together! Very nice to have during a global pandemic 🌈

Joyful knitting podcast

Just discovered Make Good. I love it. Best knitting podcast I have ever listened to, full of helpful tips. And joyful narration.

Make Good is GREAT!

Your podcast is a must listen for all knitters. I enjoy every minute of it. It’s filled with all kinds of great info from needles to patterns to blocking. I love it!

Great podcast!

So fun to listen to. The hosts are relatable and have a terrific sense of humor. I look forward to every episode. Thank you!

Welcoming and warm

Listening to this podcast is like hanging out with your knitting friends. You get recommendations, learn something new, and engage in a fun social environment. The hosts are as delightful on the podcast as they are in person. Looking forward to catching up with all the episodes. I’m halfway there!

Fun and informative

I enjoyed getting caught up on the first 4 episodes! I can’t wait until the store is open again. Casual style

Love it!

It feels like I’m in the shop knitting and hanging out! Super fun to learn more about fiber and knitting related topics in a casual and entertaining format.

Lots of great info!

I’ve been knitting for 10+ years and I’m still learning so much from this podcast! Is really fun to listen to. Can’t wait to visit Scratch again once it’s safe to do so!

Love the store, Love the podcast!

Great knitting stories and advice!

Great company

Just listened to the first 2 episodes. I’ve been knitting for the 1,5 years and found it all easy to understand and follow, for a non-visual podcast. I like that there is a podcast related to questions from knitters about the act of knitting, and not just focused on the design part of it. It is nice to learn and be able to improve from advice from others. The voices of the podcasters are also quite pleasant! Wish there were more episodes so that I could binge it!