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Good but

Good but a lot less giggling

So much fun!

I’m a relatively new knitter and have not found an in person group so I was looking for podcasts to listen to while I knit; I’m so glad I found this one! Karen and Jessica, you two are great. I’ve learned so much and you’re just so much fun to listen to. I’m almost caught up and look forward to participating in a KAL! I’m sad I’m on the other coat but have always wanted to go to New England and will have to stop by!

Sunshine on a cloudy day

You two are wonderful to listen to! I’m so glad I found you. You’re funny, you have pleasant voices (not true of all podcasters),and the trifecta-you give helpful information. I wish I lived closer to your shop, I would enjoy a knit/crochet chat with you! Keep up the good work. Laura in Kentucky

Please keep laughing!

Listening to this podcast is like catching up with friends. I genuinely look forward to each new episode. It’s equal parts approachable and informative, and it’s clear that Karen and Jessica love what they do. I also appreciate everything they do to make their podcast an accessible, inclusive space. I’m so sincerely appreciative of these two!

I always laugh

I binged to catch up and love the podcast. It is by far the best knitting podcast out there. Real, fun and info all together.

Adore so much

I stumbled on your podcast on Spotify and am basically binging to get caught up. Your humor is amazing and I love how you make all knitting projects human. I basically want to plan a road trip to NH just so I can visit your shop and hug sheep along the way. Big fan listening in BC, Canada

Please stop laughing so much

I’ve been on a search and this is a 5 star podcast with the best knitting information out there! Bless you ladies for putting together such a thoughtful and informative program. I learn something new with each episode… HOWEVER… one of the ladies laughs constantly. The laugh is sweet and cheerful but sometimes at inappropriate times and I need to skip back just to listen again to hear what was being said. Sometimes the laugh is thrown in where no laugh was needed or just not even a funny spot. It’s the same loud laugh chant over and over… it has become annoying and distracting. I will try and get over my issue. I recognize that it’s a me problem. But perhaps some thought could be given to how it sounds to the rest of us? I really want to love this podcast!

Funny and interesting!

I love this pair so much. They’re both funny, but one of them is funny in particular without trying, which I really like (not mentioning which so the other won’t feel bad). Their topics are always interesting, and whenever they talk about their shop, it never seems like an advertisement. Rarely is a knitting podcast not just advertising! Oh, that’s another good thing about this podcast: no advertisements! Love it. Please keep making more

Favorite Knitting Podcast!!!

I just finished binge listening to all the past episodes and couldn’t get enough! I am both excited and sad to be caught up. I’ve learned so much that I never understood or knew and it’s been so great! I’ve gathered many more Ravelry favs, found a dream travel trip/company, learned about fiber fests, been inspired and encouraged, and so much more. I can’t wait for more episodes!! ❤️🧶

Where Have You Been All My Life?

Hands down the best knitting podcast for clear instruction and relevant information.

So glad I wound this podcast

I do not know why I did not look for a knitting podcast sooner, but when I ran out of true crime and others that looked interesting I thought of knitting and here it is! I wish I lived next door to Jessica and Karen to talk with them all the time. I enjoy the talk and the knitting tips and experiences and overall encouragement. Highly recommend!

Wonderful fun

Karen and Jessica make any topic fun and I always learn something even when I go into the podcast thinking it will be review. I love the associated knit a longs as well. Also I wrote them an email with a question and they responded to it on the show— incredible.

Time well spent!

This is what I look for in a knitting podcast - knitting content! I've been listening awhile now and have come to think of Karen and Jessica as knitting buddies. Very charming, knowledgeable buddies. Always come away with new information and/or ideas for projects. Great listen!


Your knitting podcast is my favorite you guys are so amazing!

Best podcast

Jessica and Karen are so fun to listen to. I really enjoy that they feature a different knitting topic every episode and even though I’ve been knitting for a long time, I still learn something new . I also really enjoy hearing about the projects they are working on . Looking forward to visiting their store sometime!


I love listening to the giggles and fun knitting talk. Thank you.


The podcast is just a pleasure to listen to, both entertaining and wholesome. On top of that, it is very informative as well. I can't count the number of things I've learned so far.

New knitter here!

I’m a new knitter and was introduced to this podcast by my sister (who taught me to knit over FaceTime!). I HATE podcasts but I LOVE this one! I’ve been binging it to catch up and love knitting & listening along. I’ve learned so much!

Great show 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

Far and away the best knitting podcast I’ve found! Informative and fun, it’s like grabbing a cup of coffee and knitting with friends.

Very useful information, clear topics, and not too much giggles

I don’t usually make comments on podcast channels but I found this knitting podcast very easy to listen to with full of useful tips and information. Jessica and Karen do a great job focusing their discussion on the topic of the day and not making their podcast sound like a babbling time for their life stories. Their voices are soft and professional. I am usually annoyed with other knitting podcasts where the podcasters giggle excessively or scream laugh after someone says something.

My favorite knitting pod!

Love this podcast! It’s perfect bite size chunks of content but filled with useful information from two very kind and fun women. I look forward to it every week!

Very fun!

Love the knitting content!


Love love love this podcast. Clear topic for the week, awesome format (on the needles and the “letter”). I have learned so much and appreciate the thoughtful way Karen and Jessica inspire care to others, kindness to yourself, and taking a risk to just try something out. I am now obsessed with the podcast and they have a new online customer for their shop. Now that I’ve gone through EVERY back episode I am going to have to be patient and wait for Tuesdays. I may even try a KAL…


Interesting, informative, engaging, but not sure I'm going to be able to handle all the laughing at their own witty comments.

Love this knitting podcast🌟!

I am a novice knitter, and I have been throughly enjoying listening and learning from your podcast! You are both so encouraging and fun, and I’m learning a lot!

Informative + happy

This podcast has been wildly helpful!!! My best pal and I started knitting a week ago and I’ve been binging your podcast and learning so much! Thank you so much for sharing all of these good things!!


Not only am I learning so much even As a long time knitter, but Karen and Jessica are warm and very likeable. They present information for folks of all levels and are encouraging and kind. They have great laughs and laugh often!

Look forward to it every week.

Karen and Jessica are a wonderful source of knitting information. I’ve been knitting for about 12 years, but always learn something new and have fun doing it. Thank you for all the effort you put into making this such a great podcast!

The most helpful and funny podcast

I listened to both of yarn detective episodes and they are fantastic. This podcast is the best. Every knitters should listen.

Favorite knitting podcast.

Im getting back into knitting after decades away. The podcasters do a fabulous job of somehow making the show useful and informative for all different skill levels. I’ve brushed up my knowledge base and learned many new skills and tips. Just finished a hat that I’d promised to my husband 5 years ago! I love knitting again. Thank you Jessica and Karen!