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Nov. 2, 2021

Episode 48: Knitting Styles

Episode 48: Knitting Styles

This week we're talking about different styles of knitting - it's not just picking and throwing!

Lots of tutorials with different styles!

Continental Style (picking) (also called German, European): Video: How to Knit Continental

*Norwegian Purl *: Video: How to Norwegian Purl

English Style (throwing) (also called American): Video: How to Knit English Style

Flicking (lever knitting) (also called Peruvian, Catholic, Australian, Irish Cottage): Video: How to Lever Knit

Combination : Video: How to Combination Knit

Portuguese (Incan, Andean or Turkish - practiced all over the world): Video: How to Portuguese Knit (neck)

Shetland Knitting (also called: Pit knitting, Scottish, Shetland, From the Hip, Old Way) Video about Shetland Knitters who knit over 200 stitches per minute

CWA Knitting Competition 1971

To see great short videos of knitting different techniques, visit @dankfiber on instagram!

What's on our needles this week:


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