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Feb. 1, 2022

59: Hand Care

59: Hand Care

Stretches we mentioned in this week's episode

  1. Front of wrist stretch: turn palm up and use the other hand to pull fingertips down and back (toward the floor/elbow)
  2. Palm stretch: backs of hands facing each other, hook your thumbs and pull (gently!)
  3. Palm stretch 2: stretch your pinkies back with your other hand
  4. Knuckle decompression: pull gently on each finger with other hand
  5. Myofascial release of the forearm - squeeze one forearm with the other tight enough that you can move the skin back and forth about an inch. Push down toward wrist and hold for 60-90 seconds. Move to another spot on your forearm and do it again. You don’t need to do every inch of your forearm!

Tools and supportive aid we mentioned this week:

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