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Dec. 14, 2021

54: Hats

54: Hats

This week we're talking about hats! Hats we've loved, hats we've lost, and so many different hat shapes and styles! Our letter this week dives into how you can speed up the drying time when you're blocking your handknits.

We've chatted about lots of types of hats in this episode. Please enjoy some pictures to show you what we did our best to describe!

Beanies or Toques
CARA Mütze by Susanne Müller

Beret or Tam
Best Beret by James N Watts
Gitchi-Gami Tam by Virginia Sattler-Reimer

Camden Cap by Woolly Wormhead

Sunshine Bonnet by Katarina Linnhagen

Folly Cloche by Laura Nelkin

Earflap Hat
Thorpe by Kristen Kapur

Get Garter - Pixie by Woolly Wormhead

*Stocking *
Anne of Green Cables Hat by Sarah Schira

Patterns mentioned in this week's episode:

Ghost Ranch by Andrea Mowry

What's on our needles this week:

Deliciosa by Norah Gaughan

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