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Dec. 7, 2021

53: Leftovers and Minis

53: Leftovers and Minis

This week we're talking about what you do with those little leftover bits of yarn (or mini skeins that you've picked up along the way!) Our letter this week is about what in the world Aunt Bethany is doing with her knitting needles in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.

From visible mending to stashbuster projects, friendship bracelets to bunny nuggest, this week's episode is full of ideas for how to use up the little bits of yarn that survive a project. (Assuming you didn't lose yarn chicken, that is!)

Aunt Bethany & her knitting

* Punch needle
* Colorwork!
* Embroidery
* Pom Poms
* Stripes! No one can stop you. Stripes.
* Shoelaces and icords and drawstrings - you'll need a [Lucet](
*Friendship bracelets
* Macrame &  wall hangings
* Knit tiny things (think [MochiMochiLand]( for inspiration)
* Weaving
* Make a blanket or rug!
* Felting (if you have lots of non-super wash bits!)
* Decor! Hand roll them into tiny balls and pop them in a glass bottle or jar
* Practice new stitches and techniques with leftover bits

Patterns mentioned in this week's episode:

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