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Nov. 16, 2021

50: Knitting Socks

50: Knitting Socks

It's a sock knitting vocabulary quiz (hint: 10 points for already knowing something, 10 points for learning something new. Everyone wins!) Our Dear Scratch letter this week is about choosing sweater patterns as a new sweater knitter.

Left-hand dominant Ravelry knit & crochet group: On the Other Hand

Vocabulary terms you might encounter when you're knitting socks!

  • Cuff - the very top of your socks that hugs your ankle or at some point on your leg
  • Leg - the “body” of your sock above your heel and below the cuff
  • Heel - this is the curved or L-shaped bend of your sock that accommodates your heel
    • some kinds: short row heels, heel flap, afterthought heels, peasant heels
  • Gusset - shaping in the foot of the sock to accommodate movement
  • Toe Shaping
    • some kinds: wedge toe, round toe, left & right toe
  • Graft - also called kitchener stitch
  • Extra Credit: Negative Ease - ease is the degree to which your finished garment is larger (positive) or smaller (negative) than your body; ideal negative ease for socks is about 10% negative ease in terms of circumference & length

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